• T&C

Command Wire Products makes no warranty or representation, express or implied, regarding non-infringement, merchantability, or fitness for particular purpose of the products. Any buyer or user acknowledges that the buyer or user alone has determined that the products will suitably meet the requirements of their intended use. Command Wire Products disclaims all other warranties, express or implied.


Command Wire Products shall not be responsible for special, indirect, or consequential damages, loss of profits, or commercial loss in any way connected with the products, whether such claim is based on contract, warranty, negligence, or strict liability. In no event shall the responsibility of Command Wire Products for any act exceed the individual price of the product on which liability is asserted. In no event shall Command Wire Products be responsible for warranty, repair, or other claims regarding the products, unless confirms that the products were properly handled, stored, maintained in good condition and not subject to contamination, abuse, misuse, or inappropriate modification or repair.


Command Wire Products shall not be responsible for conformity with any standards, codes, or regulations that apply to the combination of products in the customer's application or use of the products. Take all necessary steps to determine the suitability of the product for the systems, machines, and equipment with which it will be used. Know and observe all prohibitions of use applicable to this product. Never use the products for an application involving serious risk to life or property without ensuring that the system as a whole has been designed to address the risks, and that the Command Wire Products products are properly rated and installed for the intended use.


Product specifications and accessories may be changed at any time based on improvements and other reasons. Consult with a Command Wire Products representative at any time to confirm actual specifications of purchased product.


Dimensions and weights are nominal and are not to be used for manufacturing purposes, even when tolerances are shown.