Cut and Looped

CMD Wire Products produce steel bailing wire in a range of sizes from 3mm to 3.8mm in black annealed mild steel (Oiled or not). We can supply Cut and Looped bailing wire in lengths up to 20ft (6100mm)

Cut and Looped wire is for vertical mill-size balers and semi-automatic and closed-end horizontal balers.  The wire has a pre-formed loop at one end which is used to tie off the bale.

Lengths: a length of 14ft (4270mm) is sufficient to go round one mill size bale (450kg bale) once. Bales will have four, five or six wires depending on the baler and the material being baled. Typical vertical mill size balers take four wires per bale.

Thickness of wire: CMD Wire Products produce wire from 3mm to 3.8mm. 3.1mm is the most common size which is enough for most materials like cardboard and plastics. Thicker wire up to typically 3.5mm and above is more suited for plastic bottles.

Bundle Size: We can supply bundles in any amount on request. But the most common amount is  approximately 100 wires or 25kg bundle Depending on wire diameter. Thicker wire will have fewer wires in the bundle.